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Running a business or leading a team is a lonely place

Who do you turn to for advice and guidance?

Someone with no hidden agenda?

Someone, who has your back covered?

Someone who you trust implicitly?

Our Pathways Coaches are often referred to as a ‘critical friend’ – sometimes there to listen, other times to probe and challenge, sometimes to share experiences and recommendations.

If you’re seeking a ‘critical friend’ and want help to personalise and implement The Business Growth Pathway™ in your business – with no hidden agenda, with your back covered, with implicit trust - then look no further.

What are you looking for in your Business Coach?

A Business Coach who will;

  • Determine what you should and shouldn’t be focused on right now.
  • Validate your current thinking and assumptions to ensure you’re on the right track.
  • Accelerate your thinking and knowledge into action and tangible outputs.
  • Take accountability by positively holding you to account as your ‘critical friend’.
  • Avoid trial and error and fast track your pathway to success.

If any of the above resonates then a Pathways Business Coach is for you.

Don’t just work with any coach

Our coaches are the best of the best – professionals who have been there and done it.

Coaching is their passion; unlocking potential and enabling business owners, entrepreneurs and business leaders with the mindset, skillset and toolset to build smarter, agile, more resilient businesses is their purpose.

Don’t just work with any coach, work with a Pathways Business Coach.

How does it work?

Flexibility is key

You and your virtual business coach set the rules of engagement; together you schedule when you meet, for how long and over what channel - telephone, video conference, email or even WhatsApp – whatever works best for you.

So, if…

…you’re seeking a coach to help you break through a particular challenge or mental block you’re facing, or

…you want to implement a specific strategy or idea from the Pathways platform, or

…you want a trusted business coach to support you with a 3, 6 or 12-month assignment

Your Pathways Business Coach can give you all these options and more. The choice is yours!

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