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Gain a Competitive Edge
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Create More life – More freedom – More choices

Being a Pathways certified practitioner sets you apart

Gain a Competitive Edge

Being a Pathways Certified Practitioner helps you stand out in a crowded market of business specialists, coaches and advisors. You’ll spend more time doing the work you love with clients who value what you do, the value you add and the difference you make.

Become a go-to Pathways expert

The Business Growth Pathway™️ helps businesses grow fast. Through a programme of training & ongoing support, you will be enabled with the mindset, skillset and toolset to deliver business advice that gets results for both you and your clients.

Create More life – More Freedom – More Choices

Do what you love and love what you do is one of our mantras at Pathways. What if you could go to bed every night with a dream and wake up every morning with a purpose? Well, now you can! Live your passion and spend each day doing what you love; feeling valued, making a tangible difference and being rewarded.

How to become a Pathways Certified Practitioner

  • Step One - Complete the application
  • Step Two - Have a discovery call with a Pathways Business Coach
  • Step Three - Attend our 4-day induction and training programme
  • Step Four – Receive your Pathways Practitioner licence and hit the ground running

How does it work?

Whether you want to become a consultant, trainer or coach, or enhance the value of your existing coaching business, or add more personal value within a large organisation, the Pathways Certified Practitioners Programme will get you to where you want to be.

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Pathways have quickly become one of the most trusted names for business growth. Founded by best-selling author Royston Guest, Royston and his team have helped tens of thousands of business leaders grow their businesses. And the results are incredible. Many companies have reported doubling, tripling and even quadrupling their revenue and profits.

The result is the creation of The Business Growth Pathway™, a digital platform that delivers a clear blueprint for scalable growth, wherever a business is at on its business growth journey.

And the exciting news is you can tap into this proven framework to supercharge your professional success right now.

No more reinventing the wheel for you!

“I wish I’d had a tool like Pathways when I first started in my consulting and coaching career. I would have shaved years off my timeline, added even more value to Clients quicker and saved myself a load of work and angst along the way!” --Royston Guest

Pathways certify only a select number of Practitioners each year. Following successful completion of the Pathways immersive 4-day induction and training programme, each Practitioner will be issued with a licence giving them a full access pass to use the Pathways platform and framework with their clients.

The Benefits;

  • Instant creditability and gravitas to your personal and professional brand as a ‘Pathways Practitioner’.
  • Increased confidence and self-belief in what you’re delivering, knowing it is time tested and a proven formula for success.
  • Client confidence in your approach and resources, resulting in increased conversion rates.
  • Reduced design, preparation and planning time for client sessions – no more late nights, early mornings or designing content and meetings on the hoof (we’ve been there!).
  • Increased Client retention as you share over 170 unique pieces of content and resources including webinars, training, tools and templates.
  • Increased fun and personal satisfaction, knowing the positive impact you’re making each day.
  • For you personally; More life – More Freedom – More Choices as you become the architect of your destiny

To become a Pathways Certified Practitioner:

Step One - Fill out our online application.

Step Two - Have a discovery call with one of our team.

Step Three - Attend our 4-day induction and training programme

Step Four – Receive your Pathways Practitioner licence and hit the ground running

Without a proven framework and growth formula, you cannot deliver sustainable, predictable results. Clients are looking for more. They’re looking for a proven system they can trust to deliver results. Becoming a Pathways Certified Practitioner is your path to delivering results for your clients while building the career of your dreams.

Apply to become a Pathways Certified Practitioner today.

Who should become a Pathways Certified Practitioner?

The Pathways Practitioners programme has been designed for individuals who are looking to avoid trial and error; saving hours, weeks, months and even years creating content and piecing together a framework for how to work with clients.

If this describes you…

  • You’re an established consultant trainer and want to enhance your value to clients by offering The Business Growth Pathway™ as part of your proposition.
  • You have a burning desire to be a consultant trainer running your own business being in control of your destiny.
  • You’re an in-house consultant/trainer/specialist and want to tap into the latest business growth thinking, skills and tools.
  • You work for a business or organisation in a specialist role where you want the skills and tools to use with external clients, e.g. An Accountant looking for a differentiated offering or a bank with specialist growth advisors working with customers.


The Pathways Practitioners programme is for you!

What's included with your Pathways Practitioners Certification

Pathways Certified Practitioners receive £12,500 worth of Pathways training, products and resources as part of the certification programme.

  • 4–day Pathways Certified Practitioner induction and training programme
  • 12-month subscription to The Business Growth Pathway™ platform
  • Exclusive access to the Pathways Practitioners online resource centre
  • Membership of the Pathways Practitioner directory where clients can search for localised business consultants/coach
  • Access to the Pathways Practitioners community

When can I become a Pathways Certified Practitioner?

Welcome Induction

Wednesday 24 November 2021

09:07 - 12:07

Virtual - Zoom

Part 2: Module 1

Friday 10 December 2021

09:07 - 12:07

Virtual - Zoom

Part 2: Module 2

Friday 17 December 2021

09:07 - 12:07

Virtual - Zoom

Part 2: Modules 3-6

Wed 19 & Thursday 20 January 2022

09:07 - 17:07

Face to Face - Hilton Hotel Heathrow

Part 3: Licensing and Accreditation

Thursday 17 February 2022

09:07 - 17:07

Face to Face - Hilton Hotel Heathrow

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Once you’ve submitted your application, a Pathways colleague will be in touch to book in a discovery call.

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