CONTACT Sales training workbook

Download your CONTACT sales training workbook and use it in conjunction with the CONTACT sales training videos

Danny Gray
2nd Oct 2019
Download the CONTACT sales guide to assist with the training videos. Danny Gray presents a series of videos providing informative steps in your sales strategy.

CONTACT Sales training workbook

Download or print the workbook. It should be used in conjunction with the presentations. Please note: There are 38 pages; to save costs, consider printing in black and white.
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take action; achieve more
  • The CONTACT training provides a comprehensive strategy to succeed in sales. Put time aside to reap rewards that will excel your business
  • Each step provides essential techniques that will help you succeed; Consider, Opening, Needs Gathering, Testing your Solution, Aligning and Negotiating, Closing and Gaining Commitment, Together Tomorrow
  • Watch the videos and prepare to succeed in ways you have never done before!

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