CONTACT Sales training workbook

Download your CONTACT sales training workbook and use it in conjunction with the CONTACT sales training videos

Danny Gray
Download the CONTACT sales guide to assist with the training videos. In addition, Danny Gray presents a series of videos providing informative steps in your sales strategy.
Reading time: 5 minutes; 32 seconds
Allocated three to four hours to complete this project

CONTACT Sales training workbook

Download or print the workbook. It should be used in conjunction with the presentations. Please note: There are 38 pages; to save costs, consider printing in black and white.

Use this workbook alongside the training videos and create a bespoke sales methodology for your business, enabling you to make every contact count. To get maximum value from the training, watch each related video before you complete each section within the workbook. Take plenty of notes along the way so you can refer back to them as you implement the training.
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The first step towards making every contact count is CONSIDER. Your overall sales success will hinge on your ability to plan and prepare for the sales meeting, arming you with the critical information you need to succeed. Who are you selling to, what are their buying motives, what is their why, what research can you complete, and what do you need to know about them before you step into the room? In the words of Benjamin Franklin, by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Step two - opening
You can have the best-laid plans and have considered every eventuality before you open the conversation with your potential customer, but if you have not mastered a great opening, it could all have been wasted!
People buy from people before they buy products or services. You must be fast out of the blocks to set yourself up for success. There are some fundamental ingredients for your opening and a clear message about why you and why your business that will transition you into the next stage of the ‘Making Every Contact Count’

Step three - needs gathering
The next stage of your sales methodology is NEEDS GATHERING. It as at this point you start to find out all
of the information you need to make great product and service recommendations. Using the Dynamic Questioning Model you are positioning yourself in the best possible way to be a supplier of choice to your customers. By truly understanding their business and the challenges and obstacles they face you are able to be a trusted partner for your products and services.

Step four - testing your solution
After gaining all of the vital information you need to find the best possible outcome for your customers, you need to test that solution and ensure it is fit for purpose.
It is at this stage that your compelling value proposition really comes to life and positions you in the best possible way with your customer. Through a process of benefit tracking, you can bring real tangible benefit to your products and services allowing you to not just talk features, but instead, create a solution that meets your customer's needs.

Step five - aligning and negotiating
Following on from testing your solutions the next step is to move towards an agreement to buy. Despite having a compelling value proposition that aligns with your customer's needs, it's likely that you will need to align some of the finer points to make sure it ticks all of their buying motives. This may also involve some level of negotiation around a number of factors; price, volume, delivery times and quality to name but a few. Placing yourself in the driving seat of the negotiation will give you the best possible chance of achieving a win, win, win outcome.

Step six - closing and gaining commitment
As the sales process draws towards a close it becomes essential that a commitment to buy is made. Often people work very hard to get to this stage at then at the final hurdle fail to lock down the business. The closing stage is the crescendo. It’s all stages of the ‘Making Every Contact Count’ coming to a final solution. Many things can get in the way of closing, but often those reasons are easy to overcome providing a disciplined
mentality is applied.

Step seven -together tomorrow
Acquiring a new business is one thing, turning it into a long-standing, loyal business is another. That starts now. Building long-lasting relationships is key to a good sales ethos in any business and in fact, done well can help turn your customers into your sales force. We have all experienced a recommendation whether it's for a book, a
restaurant or even a new computer. Those recommendations are based wholly upon the person recommending them following a great relationship either with a product, service or supplier. The opportunity is in your hands!

Please note; there is a short film for each section of this comprehensive sales methodology. Watch them all to make the most out of this tried and tested method.

take action; achieve more
  • The CONTACT training provides a comprehensive strategy to succeed in sales. Put time aside to reap rewards that will excel your business
  • Each step provides essential techniques that will help you succeed; Consider, Opening, Needs Gathering, Testing your Solution, Aligning and Negotiating, Closing and Gaining Commitment, Together Tomorrow
  • Watch the videos and prepare to succeed in ways you have never done before!
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