Focused Five

A powerful tool that will allow you to monitor your progress and recognise what you want to improve as well as what you are happy to maintain

Royston Guest
28th Nov 2020
Focused Five is a powerful tool that will enable you to make progress in your life and improve performance. Download the template and use it to monitor your improvement. It's an excellent tool for personal development and one of the firm favourites with the Pathways team
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Implementing Focused Five in your life

Focused Five is a tool that is extremely effective in many areas of your life. In this instance, we will use it to help you recognise what you want to change in your life while recognising what you are doing well. This simple tool will allow you to identify quick wins and marginal gains in five focused areas: stop, minimise, maintain, do more of and start. 

Creating effective behavioural change starts with honing in on the things you already do well (the Maintain column) and then working out into the other four areas as follows; minimise, do more of, stop and, finally, start. 

Focused Five
The Focused Five template consists of five rows by five columns. The boxes are deliberately small to ensure any information is concise. Always start in the middle column - this is the core. The areas in which should be 'maintained' provide an excellent opportunity to reflect on what is working a present. That way, there is no risk of losing the things that are working well throughout the process.
  • Then move to 'minimise'  this is where things that need to be reduced are captured; typically areas that stopping completely would be too severe.
  • Next, 'more' this is where building on existing success comes in, these would likely be extensions of the continuing column.
  • Now move onto 'stop'  quite simply this is the areas that must completely cease. If that's not possible, then consider putting them in the minimise column.
  • Finally, 'start'  what needs to happen that is not currently happening.   

It is important to remember that you don't have to complete every box. Some areas will likely have more in them than others.
take action: achieve more 
  • Start the process by being completely honest with yourself. But remember to keep it short and simple - you need to monitor improvements
  • It is fine if not every box is full. The idea is to draw out the key areas you want to focus on in order to build and develop your personal brand. You may have only one or two traits in each column, which is absolutely OK. But you must have at least one trait in each. 
  • Over time, as you revisit the exercise, you’ll find that some things come off your Focused Five and some new traits get added. You might find that some traits move between columns as you achieve your marginal gains. It is designed to be a fluid, agile process and, most importantly, it’s fun and exciting as you take ownership of building the personal brand by which you wish to be known
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