What is the difference between a purpose, vision, mission and strategic goal?

Royston explains the powerful meaning behind purpose, vision, mission and strategic goals

Royston Guest
11th Mar 2020
Formulating different key messages and how they apply to your business will customise your approach and allow you to define what you do and what your focus is with regards to advancing your success. Royston Guest explains in detail.
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What is the difference between a purpose, vision, mission and strategic goal? 

Vision - A declaration of a businesses objectives, intended to guide its internal decision-making.
A vision statement answers the question:
Where are we going?
Purpose - At its core, a business’ purpose is a bold affirmation of its reason for being in business.
A purpose statement answers the question:
What do we stand for in emotional and practical terms?
Mission -  A short statement of why a business exists and its overall goal
A mission statement answers the question:
Who are we?

Strategic goals - Goals created to identify the intended accomplishment of a business strategy
A strategic goal answers the question:
How are we going to get there?

take action; achieve more
  • Understand the difference and nuances between a purpose, vision, mission and strategic goal/s
  • Decide if you want to use all four; or purpose, mission and strategic goal/s. Whatever you decide, stick to it and only use that language in all written and verbal communication
  • Use the other resources to help you create your purpose, vision/mission and strategic goal/s