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The Business Growth Pathway is an online business assessment tool that provides actionable, data-led growth insights for your business.

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"We are delighted to be working with the Royston Guest and the team at Growth Pathways to provide the opportunity for our Practice members and family businesses to benefit from an excellent, dynamic, proactive and data-driven tool which we know will be a great support to all who use it."

Peter Roper

Peter Roper

Founder, The Family Business Practice

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"I’m really excited to be working closely with Peter and the family business practice. Family businesses have been a niche which we have done work with over the last decade and I’m passionate to add value and make a tangible difference in growing family businesses and unlocking their real potential."

Royston Guest

Royston Guest

CEO, Pathways Global

Fast track your success with the sure-fire formula for business growth

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How The Business Growth Pathway™ Works


Assess your business with an intuitive in-depth online tool


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"We’ve seen a 32% increase in revenue and reduced our fixed costs by 20% since using the Pathways framework. The insights, data and personalised blueprint have been invaluable for my business."

Perry Power

Business Owner, Power Bespoke

Let's change the game

Businesses Fail.

It's a fact

7 out of 10 businesses will fail within 10 years. Either a business fails to perform, and goes bust. Or - even worse - a business fails to realise its full potential and never reaches the success it could have had.

There is a better way

The Business Growth Pathway

Everything you need to unlock your company's full potential and unleash success for you and your business right now.

Finally, there's a way to give you a unique top down view of your business. Think of it as dynamic, data-led mentorship completely structured for you and your business.

The Business Growth Pathway is an essential formula for business leaders. The more you use it, the smarter it becomes, creating a go-to blueprint that can be used time and time again to grow your business in optimum time.

Fast track your success with the sure-fire formula for growth

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Powerful Assessment Capabilities

A unique top down view of your business' challenges and opportunities with a 360-question insights tool.



Score how your business performs against our 10 Growth Enablers and understand how to optimise potential and accelerate growth.


A bespoke success formula custom-designed for you

The more you use The Business Growth Pathway the smarter it gets, optimising growth, focusing action and giving you and your business an accelerated pathway forward.

"Instant clarity on what vision, strategies and measures really matter in achieving growth goals"

Louise Swain - CEO, Alliance Homes

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