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Royston Guest

Entrepreneur, author of #1 best-seller Built to Grow and RISE: Start living the life you were meant to lead, speaker, business strategist, executive coach, husband and father.

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Businesses fail every day.They fail to reach their full potential. We want to change that.

So we’re creating a new breed of business leader. One that doesn’t have to learn from trial and error, one that’s informed, knowledgeable and confident.

And together, we can change the way the world grows businesses, one business at a time.

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Our Guiding Principles

From our vision to our values, this is our Pathways Thinking.

Think big.

When you think big, you achieve big.

Do the right thing.

Never compromise.

Be productive.

Everyone can be busy, but being productive, that’s something else. Which one are you?

Do what you love and love what you do.

It’s about more than passion. If you don’t make a difference every day, then go and work somewhere else.

Strive for excellence.

Good enough is not good enough. Ban mediocrity from your business, find your focal point and focus on it with laser beam intensity.

Be fanatical about growth.

If you can’t quantify the value an initiative or project will add, then you have to question why you’re doing it. Everything should be aimed at creating growth.

Learn to say no.

Get a backbone if you need to, and say no to the unimportant stuff. If it doesn’t align with your priorities or doesn’t add value to your business then just jettison it.

Be laser-beam focused.

Find out what your long term outlook is, and then ensure every decision reflects that with laser beam focus. Become a business with intent.

Simplify the agenda.

Uncomplicate to accelerate is one of our life mantras. Don’t over-engineer things and you’ll go further, faster.

Be the real deal.

There’s enough to do without having to be someone you’re not. Are you the real deal? Is authenticity the bedrock of your being?

Be inspiring.

Knowledge and enthusiasm are contagious. Be the change you want to see in your business, take the first step, and you’ll inspire confidence, self-belief and create a culture of growth in your teams.

All of our insight and intelligence distilled into 10 growth enablers, 360 questions and 180,000 unique data points creating a dynamic data-led mentor-style insights that will change the way businesses grow.

We did this so we could make a real tangible difference to the lives of business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs. A real tangible difference to you.

  • Spanning over two decades, in 27 countries, helping tens of thousands of businesses across a multitude of sectors, enterprises, and governments.
  • More than 250,000 business leaders, professionals and owners have crossed our paths through our training, workshops or speaking events.
  • Over 10,000 individual consulting hours with business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • 150 pieces of online and print business growth coverage with a combined exposure to potential 478m online readers.
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Meet Our Leadership Team

Royston Guest


Royston Guest is one of the world’s leading authorities on growing businesses and unlocking people potential. As an entrepreneur, Royston’s business strategies made him a millionaire. As a business growth consultant, coach and mentor for more than two decades, he’s helped tens of thousands of businesses to deliver accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth.

Royston knows what it takes to build a great business. He’s passionate about making a real and tangible difference in the lives of business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs. With a contagious energy and enthusiasm, Royston excels at inspiring business leaders and teams to take action, unlock potential and unleash success.

Jane Guest

Chief Marketing Officer

Jane Guest is an experienced marketing professional with a demonstrated history of creating and managing digital content to build relationships with businesses and individuals.

Wearing many hats including copy writing, content creation, marketing and communication strategy, segmentation and customer profiling, Jane is passionate about how business owners and leaders can escape mediocrity to achieve exponential results.

Tom Hacquoil

Board Advisor

Tom is a co-founder and the CEO of Pinpoint. He directs the various design, product, marketing and technical teams in order to ensure the finished product is greater than the sum of its parts.

Prior to Pinpoint, Tom founded a number of small technology companies, created the Coding Programme (an education business training computer programmers), worked as a technology consultant / strategist for a wide range of organisations and was Chief Digital Officer at Calligo Limited, a cloud computing company.

Danny Gray

Head of Content & Delivery

Danny has delivered leadership and change programmes to a cross section of individuals, businesses, sectors and industries. Each programme focuses on enhancing individual and leadership performance to drive capability, long term sustainability and business growth.

His real world experience creates memorable connections as he shares his stories, ideas and strategies to grow businesses and unlock people potential.

Cara Malorey Vibert

Content & Communication Lead

Cara’s natural flair and skillset is digital, design and content. Having gained a degree in Product Design and Masters in Graphic Design, she has worked as a product designer with a number of global brands including Speedo in London and LEGO in Denmark.

As Content & Communication Lead, Cara shares our story and creates content and graphics that resonates and connects with our audience across the Pathways platform and social media. Cara is passionate about developing resources that will help business owners learn and grow their business - "Never stop learning; for when we stop learning we stop growing."

Helene Senior

Executive Assistant & Operations Lead

Helene is a first-class Executive Assistant to Royston, Pathways CEO and founder. With a proven track record and wealth of experience, having worked alongside top senior leaders across a spectrum of industries, Helene certainly keeps five steps ahead of Royston (which is no easy task!).

With her natural talent of multi-tasking, Helene also performs the role of Operations Lead, where she plays an integral part in ensuring the day to day management of HQ runs smoothly and efficiently.

Helene is passionate about forming relationships with clients and their assistants and, with a positive mindset and all-round enthusiasm, Helene lives and breathes the Pathways brand.

Stephanie Moore

Content & Communication Lead

Stephanie Moore’s background is in journalism. She wrote a column in a daily newspaper for over 16 years and produced many award-winning advertorial features for business and leisure magazines. After leaving the publishing world, she honed her skills in business development and has a proven track record in sales and relationship management.

We're creating a new breed of business leader

We know what it takes to build a great business. We’ve distilled all the insights and intelligence gained from two decades of coaching and mentoring business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs, and developed a unique platform that will change the way businesses are built.

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