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How the Business Growth Pathway™ works

The Business Growth Pathway™ is a simple, user-friendly platform which helps you determine which stage of business growth your business is currently on. It gets right to the heart of your business – your current challenges, pain points, what you’re doing well and what you need to change – giving you a personalised blueprint for growth.

Our dynamic 360-questions insights tool gets right to the heart of your business. It creates a personalised business blueprint that identifies where your business is today, and the accelerated route to get your business to where you want it to be.

The Business Growth Pathway™ assesses your business against a series of Growth Enablers:

  • 1. Business Purpose, Aspirational Goals and Growth Strategy

    A challenge for most businesses, and especially those that have been around for a long time, is that they become processors of products and services, focused on the WHAT and the HOW. They lose touch with their WHY and their ability to see the world through their customer lens.

    Complete this growth enabler to help you articulate and document your;

    1. Vision and Purpose - A compelling Vision and Purpose is like infusing work with purpose and meaning. What is your Vision? What is your purpose?

    2. Business Plan and Growth Strategy - Your growth strategy or plan provides a clear vision of where it is you want to get to, why you want to go there, and how you're going to turn your vision into reality. Are you in the driver's seat of your business?

    3. Aspirational Goals - Aspirational goals are the 'game changers' that can propel your business to an entirely different level of achievement. What do you want to achieve in the next decade? What's your BIG aspirational goal?

  • 2. You & Leadership

    One of the single most competitive advantages for businesses today is their ability to grow, nurture, and develop leadership and management capability faster than the competition; future business success depends on it.

    Leadership is the growth enabler to turn your vision and goals into reality;

    1. I Lead Self - The starting point for great leadership is personal leadership. Before you decide to lead others, learn to lead yourself. If your people see that you do not practice what you're preaching, you lose credibility and the trust of your team. This is where most leaders fall short. They're simply unable to do what they ask their team to do. You simply cannot expect from people what you don't expect from yourself.

    2. I Lead the Business - A truly effective leader can operate strategically, leading and building a business for the future, pushing forward through ambiguity and change as it strives to deliver its business growth plan. Do you have what it takes to lead your business towards and beyond its aspirational goals?

    3. I Lead Others – Great leadership unlocks the potential in others and allows individuals to play a critical role in achieving success. Your business is only as good as your people. How good are you at getting the best from others, unlocking their potential and unleashing their success?

    4. Leadership Culture - If you want to accelerate and fast track the success of your business, and build sustained high performance, developing your leadership culture is among your biggest priorities. Are you setting you and your team up for real success?

  • 3. Leading Remotely

    To lead an effective team remotely, leaders must learn new techniques for communication, task direction and team wellbeing. They must put in place routines and rituals that do not require physical proximity.

    Complete this growth enabler and assess how effective you are at leading your people remotely;

    1. Purposeful Leadership - Empower yourself and your leaders to lead with higher purpose and impact. Are you a purposeful leader?

    2. Routines and Rituals – Our routines help us achieve a balanced and structured life as we spend our days bouncing between different tasks and roles; the colleague, the boss, the partner, the parent, the carer, the friend and it's our rituals that help us move through our day smoothly. How are you maintaining routines and rituals when you and your teams are working remotely?

    3. Communication - No amount of over-communication is too much when alignment is at stake. What is your 'over' communication plan?

    4. Productivity and Results - Any business that effectively measures employee productivity isn't relying on anything having to do with a physical location. Instead, they measure productivity by far more objective metrics than things like "time in the building." Are you focused on the outputs rather than the inputs?

    5. Wellbeing - Your people's wellbeing is critical to your business wellbeing. To give your best, you have to be at your best. While healthy and motivated individuals can have a positive impact on the productivity and effectiveness of a business, the opposite is also true. Do you care about what's going on in the inside (your people's emotions) as well as the outside (their productivity)?

  • 4. Business Development & Sales

    There is a direct correlation between sales and revenue, so in delivering accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth, your business development and sales strategy is critical. If operational excellence represents the arteries of your business, sales is the heartbeat that feeds your business.

    This growth enabler will help you focus your business development and sales strategy on five critical areas;

    1. Sales Culture - Sales should be at the heart of every business performance culture, is it in yours?

    2. Sales Planning and Forecasting - Most businesses are poor at planning and forecasting. How well do you plan and forecast sales revenue in your business?

    3. Customer Sales Journey - How effective are you at measuring your customer sales journey? How do you acquire new customers, extract more value from existing relationships and retain those who are potentially leaving?

    4. Sales Team Structure & Organisational Design – Your sales success is in direct correlation to how effective you are in setting up your sales function. Do you have the right people, in the right place, with the right skills and knowledge, focused on the right activities?

    5. Sales Tools & Performance - This section is all about 'enablement'. Enabling your salespeople with the mindset, skillset and toolset to deliver excellence and sustained high performance. Are your sales teams equipped with the tools to do their job with a clear understanding of what excellence looks, feels and acts like?

  • 5. People

    One of the greatest assets of your business walks out the door every night. What are you doing to get them to return the next day inspired, motivated, and enthused to be the best they can be?

    Your people are one of the most powerful resources available to you in realising your goals and ambitions. Complete this growth enabler to help you unlock the performance potential in your people;

    1. Business Alignment - The way you culturally think about your people strategy is critical to your sustained commercial and business success. How strategically important is the HR/People Function within your business?

    2. Organisational Design, HR Policies & Procedures - A clear organisational design allows your people to know precisely what to expect in their role and the part they play in the bigger picture. Are you set up to succeed, and are you covered from a legal perspective?

    3. Employee Value Proposition (EVP) - An EVP is the balance of the rewards and benefits that are received by your people in return for the skills, capabilities, experiences, and performance they bring to your business. What attracts people to your business, and what makes them stay? Are you an employer of choice?

    4. Resourcing & Talent Management - Resourcing and talent management focuses on your current and future people requirements; Identifying, selecting and recruiting the right people to ensure the correct behavioural mix of attitude, skills and knowledge to maximise their value to the organisation. What are you doing to attract, develop and nurture people and talent in your business?

    5. Productivity & Performance – You and your leaders must understand the principals involved in raising the performance of your people and teams. Are your people bringing their A-Game to work each day?



Powerful Self-Assessment Capabilities

Get a unique top-down view of your business challenges and opportunities with our 360-question insights tool. Score your current performance against a series of business growth enablers to understand how to optimise your potential and accelerate your business growth.

“Game changing strategies to take your business to the next level. Everything from growth fundamentals, client experience, becoming data driven, culture, performance, revenue strategies, value proposition, tech and a hell of a lot more.”

Sachin Pabari




Targeted and Personalised Insights and Intelligence

Not only does your business blueprint tell you what stage you are at on your business growth journey it details the Priority Focus Areas (PFA’S) you need to action to accelerate your growth. Against each Priority Focus Area, the platform will match content and resources which will help you move your business forward, enabling you with the mindset, skillset and toolset to fast track your success.

“We’ve seen a 30% year on year growth and an increase of over 250% in profitability through using the tool and applying the ideas.”

Louise Bracken-Smith


Fairway Group


Knowledge is only power if you turn it into tangible action

Knowledge alone isn’t power; it’s the practical application of newly acquired knowledge which is real power. Think of The Business Growth Pathway™ as your accountability mentor – holding you to account, sending you prompts and progress updates, celebrating momentum building action.

“By implementing the strategies from Pathways into my business I’ve doubled my average fee within 3 months. I now feel confident that I’m at the start of an exciting growth journey.”

Ian Storey

Managing Director

Storey Estates


A Personalised Success Formula For Growth

Momentum is a powerful force, and as you complete your Priority Focus Areas, you’ll successfully progress through your current business growth stage, while laying the foundations for the next step. Revisit each growth enabler and receive an up-to-date business blueprint, your personalised success formula for growth.


"Instant clarity on what vision, strategies and measures really matter in achieving growth goals"

Louise Swain - CEO, Alliance Homes

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