Acquisition, maximisation and retention (AMR) strategy

Royston Guest presents the acquisition, maximisation and retention (AMR) strategy - the fundamentals of business growth using the AMR

Royston Guest
Is there a formula for growing businesses? Royston explains in detail one of his fundamental strategies for business growth. Grab a notebook and set aside an hour for this powerful webinar that will change the way you think about success.
Viewing time: 43 minutes; 2 seconds
Reading time: 2 minutes; 30 seconds

Three key factors you will gain from this insightful webinar

One: By thinking differently about the commercial value of a customer and how it will influence your business growth model
  • Your product and service offering
  • How you acquire customers
  • How you look after customers

Two: Greater clarity and certainty on the growth levers to pull and press your business to deliver accelerated, sustained and profitable growth.

Three: An inquisition mindset that broadens your thinking about what other businesses are doing and how you can develop best practices and personalise them for your business.

take action; achieve more
  • This insightful webinar with Royston Guest will help you discover the winning formula for success. Take the time to listen and apply these formulas to your business
  • Revenue, profit and cash are the key aspects of cash management, so ensure you are not putting too much focus on one of them
  • Challenge yourself with costs; reviewing your cost base should be carried out monthly. In this unpredictable market, prices are increasing rapidly, so you cannot stick your head in the sand. Marginal gains are key!
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